2023-2024 District 16 Officer Nomination Period Opens

Toastmasters leadership

Nominations for District 16 2023-2024 leadership positions open January 15, 2023, and close March 3, 2023.

District members who desire to serve as an appointed Area Director and those who want to be considered for an elected position of Division Director (O, K, L, T or U), Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director, or District Director must send their application to the Leadership Committee via Edward Engelke, DTM, PDG, no later than March 3, 2023.

Members are encouraged to consider not only themselves but others.  If you know a member who is ready to serve but needs encouragement, tell them they should serve and submit their name to the Leadership Committee.  We’ll follow up with a contact phone call if you encourage them.

Contact Edward Engelke for more information about eligibility qualifications or nomination forms.  Send an email to leadership@d16history.com.

View information and find application forms and instructions on the leadership web page link at http://d16history.com.

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