Public Relations

Toastmasters District 16 Public Relations

Carrie Engelbrecht
Public Relations Manager

The public relations manager (PRM) for each district is responsible for coordinating an active public relations and publicity program.

By establishing and maintaining lines of communication between the district and its clubs, as well as between the district and the public, these managers work to increase awareness of Toastmasters through local news media and social media. PRMs are also responsible for training the public relations officers in the district.

The PRM for the 2022-23 fiscal year is Carrie Engelbrecht. A resident of Verdigris, Okla., she has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years with experience in social media management, web development, and writing for newsletters and blogs.

Tips and Suggestions for Promoting Your Club

Ways to Promote Your Club

  • Distribute flyers (e.g., libraries, community and corporate bulletin boards)
  • Send press releases about special events to the local media
  • Publish club meeting dates in local paper calendar sections
  • Produce a club newsletter
  • Set up a club Web site
  • Greet guests and provide take-home materials about the club
  • Give outside speeches to promote membership — contact the District 16 Speakers Bureau
  • Participate in community events (e.g., job fairs, fun fairs, contests)
  • Set up a club phone line and record a welcoming, informative message
  • Hold a Speechcraft (work with your VPE and VPM)
  • Submit articles about Toastmasters to your local paper
  • Submit public service announcements or tape a brief program for radio and public access TV
  • Hold a Youth Leadership program (work with VPE and VPM)
  • Donate past issues of The Toastmaster to libraries, doctors offices, etc.
  • Create and distribute club business cards
  • Wear your Toastmasters pin every day
  • Hold a Member Get a Member campaign in your club (with VPM)
  • Get the Toastmasters Supply Catalog and explore it for ideas, materials
  • Provide materials for your local “Welcome to the Neighborhood” committee

More PR Ideas & Resources

  • Newsletter Content (President is the publisher, VPPR is the editor)
  • Bios of new members (and photos, if there’s room)
  • Calendar of upcoming club events (contests, theme or special meetings)
  • Calendar of upcoming Area, Division, District, Regional, and International events
  • Kudos to new CTMs, ATMs, DTMs, CLs, ALs
  • Message from the Club President or other officers
  • Reports on past meetings or special events (anniversaries, socials)
  • Schedules of future meetings
  • Kudos to members for non-Toastmasters achievements (promotions, births)
  • Speaking tips (how to give better evaluations or Table Topics)
  • Points on leadership
  • Report on club’s progress in the Distinguished Club Program
  • Deadlines for submitting articles for future issues
  • Publications and Web sites of interest to members (Toastmasters related)
  • Letters to the editor
  • Reprints from Toastmaster magazine and other publications (short, get permission first)
  • Testimonials from members about the club and what it’s done for them

Club Websites

Having a club website is critical when it comes to having an Internet presence to promote your Toastmasters club. Having an updated club website with meeting times, location and other information about Toastmasters can improve your visibility on the Internet and give you a space to add articles, photos and videos that you can also use as content to post out on Social Media sites. Here are some resources and tips to get you started!

  • Free Club Websites available from FreeToastHost2!  You can obtain a free website for your club at
  • FreeToastHost Administrative Issues – If you are unable to login to a current FreeToastHost2 club website due to Admin problems, contact FreeToastHost2 Support at
  • Outdated Club Website – Time to revamp and refresh! The most important information is having the correct meeting times, location and contact information
    • Tip: Ask other club members to get involved or assign a club webmaster!

Learning to Use/Navigate FreeToastHost Websites