Why do people join Toastmasters and how do they benefit?

In this short video, members from different countries and backgrounds share how they’ve built the skills to become better communicators and leaders.

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How will you transform?

Participate in Toastmasters’ proven program, where you’ll learn how to speak comfortably in front of a group and lead with purpose. People who join Toastmasters find potential they never thought they had and achieve more of their goals and dreams.

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How will you benefit?

Attend meetings where you will regularly practice skills that make you a more confident speaker and leader. These real-world, highly in-demand soft skills will help you advance your career, acclimate to a new city or even get a new job!

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Why it Works

Toastmasters is a powerful combination of a proven education program where you receive effective evaluation that helps you build skills at your own pace. Plus, Toastmasters’ communication and leadership development does not take place in a typical instructor-led classroom and is not limited to a set timeframe, like a seminar or conference.

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What Members Say

“Before Toastmasters, I didn’t really have the confidence to talk with other people and share myself. After Toastmasters, I got myself back. I got confidence back.”Sara Safari, DTM
Teacher, humanitarian

“They taught me that it’s okay to be nervous. It’s about taking that nervous energy and turning it into positive energy. Toastmasters is really good at helping you build confidence.”Andrew Clumpus
Financial Analyst,
2015 International Speech Contest Semi-finalist

“I have been promoted at my job six times since becoming a Toastmaster. Every speaking and leadership opportunity advances your own skills and helps others along the way. The question you should be asking yourself is, ‘Why didn’t I join a club sooner?’ “Jing Humphreys, DTM
Senior Chemist,
Sonneborn, LLC

“I ran a company, and it was very challenging for me to communicate one-on-one or in small groups. Because of my Toastmasters training, I am a more confident leader.”Roger Caesar, ACB, ALB
Owner and President,
Caesar Transport, Inc.,
2015 International Speech Contest Semi-finalist

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Why Toastmasters is Right for You

Toastmasters helps people from diverse backgrounds become more confident speakers, communicators and leaders. From young professionals to experienced managers to those seeking personal growth, you’ll find a warm, supportive group that shares your goals.

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